...I would like to thank you for your work, your idea is great and easy to use.
I searched this kind of framework for a long time and tried other more famous solutions without success.
I finally find my happiness with jqxb.

Asic - J2EE Architect - France

Project Description

JQXB Expression Binder is a lightweigth javascript library (17 kbytes minified - 4 kbytes minified gzipped) for BI-directional data binding between javascript objects and HTML elements.

Based upon jQuery, jQXB/M provides a natural and flexible way to process the data exchanged between client and server in a real WEB 2.0 paradigm.

Using few custom attributes to decorate your HTML tags now you are enabled to take complete control over the managing of your business data directly inside yours web pages.

Server-side platform agnosticism of jQXB/M makes easy and immediate the integration with ASP.NET WEB Form web applications, ASP.NET mvc , Web Services , PHP, JSP or any web application able to exchange data in jSON format.

JQXB also contains a lite subsystem for messaging giving to you the possibility to build web application according with composite pattern and or model-view-viewmodel pattern.

See jQXB in action at Live Demos section
Download examples at codeplex